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Meet the people of Bartow County, Georgia and join in learning about the history of generations from the past.

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See the places of Bartow County, Georgia as they were in the past and see the changes that have occurred in our historic county.

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Learn about and explore the history of Bartow County & surrounding areas with pictures, stories, and our radio show! 

Bartow Ancestors Historical Information & Genealogical Information- About Us

Welcome to the Bartow Ancestors website. This is a continuing process of bring to you old records, deeds, descriptions, pictures, reference material, articles, maps, family information and any other information we can find about our wonderful county and surrounding areas of Bartow County, Georgia. We will be updating it on a regular basis. Please use it for family histories & general research. Also, please check out our related links page while you are here. We will be adding more information as it's compiled, verified and ready for you to use and enjoy. Check with us often to see what we've uncovered next!

About the Owner

Hi, my name is Vicki W. Crowe. I am the sole owner of Bartow Ancestors, but have assembled a great team. I started out doing genealogy many years ago. I love searching for old documents and solving the mysteries that eluded families about their families history. The more I learned about this wonderful county of ours while doing research, the more I fell in love with not just the families, but also the history. So, Bartow Ancestors was born. My family and my husband's family have been here for many years, some as far back as 1845. We have quite a few resources at our disposal, and we use them to their fullest. All information here is free to the researcher, but please remember to source the information you acquire from us to the appropriate entity. Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the site. Feedback is welcome, so let us know if you enjoyed the site, had a problem, would like to contribute or had any problems navigating.